Winged Horses print

Winged Horses print

Sue Boardman

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Museum Quality Print -- Matted -- Signed and numbered

Dimensions including mat: 12"x12"

This cosmic image came to be when a painting called Apothecary and another called Prism crashed into each other in the Muse’s heart (and my dream) one night. The title comes from a legendary conversation between two writers pondering their works-in-progress. One asked the other about his reference to “winged horses.”

The rather surprising response went something like this: Jesus didn’t come to make people look nice and behave themselves. Jesus came to make whole new creatures where once there were broken people.

Many scholars believe this was a reference to the image in the biblical book, Revelation, of winged horses, like the mythical Pegasus. Not well-trained regular horses, but whole new creatures.

So, along with the heavenly Fibonacci spiral in white on black with hints of yellow and purple, a contemporary glyph for the constellation, Pegasus, inspired by Dennis Moskowitz, in Golden acrylics.


And an old story which is “both true and might actually have happened.”

The legendary writers?

C.S. Lewis speaking with J.R.R. Tolkien. Really!