Goldfill Twizzle earrings- English Norman

Goldfill Twizzle earrings- English Norman

English Norman

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 Sourced from ESN Studio...

Recently, I looked around the studio and took stock of how many gemstones, half-finished silver components, and gorgeous beads are neatly in boxes. Just sitting there. They deserve to be made into jewelry and their beauty celebrated! I'm already very careful with where I source my metals and stones (fair trade/sustainably mined) and realize I have a gold mine in my own studio! I'm challenging myself to think responsibly and source from ESN Studio.

All designs copyrighted by ESN Artisan Jewelry, 1997-2019. Each piece is made by hand by artist English Norman in her Atlanta, GA studio. English is a silversmith, jewelry designer, and artist. Stop by @englishnorman on IG to learn more about her process, her bees, and her chickens!