Coral earrings with Thai Hill Tribe silver- English Norman

Coral earrings with Thai Hill Tribe silver- English Norman

English Norman

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These earrings combine carefully matched coral pieces with silver beads from the Thai Hill Tribes. Apparently, these tribes have very traditional silver embellishment techniques that are unique to their own tribe. If you are an expert in Thai Hill Tribe silver, you could identify which tribe made what silver. I'm not an expert but know that I love how delicate this silver is! 

Sourced from ESN Studio...

Recently, I looked around the studio and took stock of how many gemstones, half-finished silver components, and gorgeous beads are neatly in boxes. Just sitting there. They deserve to be made into jewelry and their beauty celebrated! I'm already very careful with where I source my metals and stones (fair trade/sustainably mined) and realize I have a gold mine in my own studio! I'm challenging myself to think responsibly and source from ESN Studio.

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