ABCs of Trees 8x10 Print

ABCs of Trees 8x10 Print

Elizabeth Lang

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"A" is for American Elm... most of these trees are local to the Southeast region of the United States and are frequently seen around Atlanta. With one exception, the common names are used in the alphabet. A hand-painted illustration of a feature unique to each of the trees accompanies each letter.

A- American Elm
B- Boxelder
E- Eastern Redbud
F- Fringe Tree
G- Ginkgo
I- Incense Cedar
J- Japanese Maple
K- Kentucky Coffeetree
L- Loblolly Pine
M- Magnolia
N- Northern Red Oak
O- Overcup Oak
P- Post Oak
Q- Quaking Aspen
R- River Birch
S- Southern Live Oak
T-Trident Maple
U- Upland Willow
V- Vitex
W- Walnut
X- X Cupressocyparis Leylandii
Y- Yellow Buckeye
Z- Zelkova

This is a perfect piece to decorate a young one's bedroom or anyone fond of trees!

This is a premium 8x10" digital print of the original watercolor and ink painting, "ABCs of Trees." Print arrives to you in a protective sleeve with backing board and print statement.