Yesha is a passionate and creative artist who comes from a rich family background of various talent. From childhood she has portrayed a true interest in art which eventually transitioned into passion then profession. Her background inspired an array of work from which she now specializes in Ceramics, Drawing, Painting and Mehndi/Henna.

Being heavily influenced by Indian, Mughal and Contemporary Art, she is able to portray her imaginative thoughts via diverse styles including, Water Colors, Paper Cuts, Oil Painting, Sketching, Pottery, Pencil Art and many others.

With creativity being her second nature, she can illustrate harmony of vibrant colors, craft intricate architectural designs and also illustrate a master piece of simple household items.

With over 12 years of experience in the Mehndi/Henna industry, Yesha is known for her distinctive, clean, elegant and modern designs. She illustrates expertise in very detailed work, like a Bride’s Mehhdi, which makes her designs very unique and elegant. The utmost passion for Mehndi and creative art that Yesha possesses can be seen throughout all of her designs; whether as small as crafting a birthday card or as grand as doing a bride’s Mehndi. Her dedication to her work will guarantee your occasion will be joyous!

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