Wakarusa Saw & Sand

Wakarusa Saw and Sand is a sprouting company whose main focus is to bring artisan handcrafted gifts to as many people as we can. Our creators and artists, Emma Lumpe & Ayla Bellamy, are partners of many talents. The company is named for our creators’ love of woodworking and after Emma’s childhood home on Wakarusa Valley Farm.

Emma is an engineer by day and a self-taught wood worker and craftswoman by night. She has spent years learning her way around a shop and truly falling in love with building and creating beautiful and functional art from wood.

Ayla is a professional performer and artist who finds joy in learning and mastering many different forms of art. In her adult life she has focused on writing and performing music, acting, sewing, and visual art. Her mastery of other art forms has presented useful and inspirational in this new endeavor.

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