Sue Grilli

Mother, wife, businesswoman and artist, Sue began her studies as an Art Education major in college. After raising 3 children and moving from her native New York State to a country home in the Atlanta area, she had re-discovered her passion for painting. No matter which medium she uses, watercolor, oil or acrylic, she paints interpretive still lifes and landscapes showing nature at its best but she says that architectural images with character and depth are her favorite.

After studying with recognized artists and at the Atlanta College of Art, Sue became increasingly dedicated to her painting. Now, in her home studio, she explores visions of nature and architecture. Her works have been selected in juried shows and displayed in local galleries along with private collections. With a style of loose, flowing colors she captures the combination of light and vibrancy. She gets lost in the process of painting while developing different ideas and perspectives.

Her latest focus has been on abstracting the landscape, whether that is land, sea or city where it’s story is imbedded in the color and shapes of the piece. She invites the viewer to see their own story within the painting.

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