Sue Boardman

A gentleman asked me, just recently, if I “used to be a hippie?”
Laughing, I responded, “I still am!” You see, I have granddaughters growing up in this world and, in many ways, they are the reasons I make art and teach creativity. My work as The Fiercely Compassionate Artist is inspiration and transformational journey and social activism.
 After years as a pastoral counselor and writer, and a lifetime of being told I was not the creative kid, I started painting two and a half years ago with a tribe of Intentional Creativity sisters on adventure called the Black Madonna Pilgrimage. Suddenly, life was different. Brighter. And a lot more hopeful. All of which is a lot of magic from a paintbrush, and yet it works!
 I work in deep acrylic layers of meaning on canvases, some of which insist on words and mixed media embellishments. Many of my images are references to the Divine Feminine and the wonder of Creation. When people experience my work, I want them to sense, deep in their bones and hearts, that they are healed enough to change the world.
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