Studio Mod Glass

Contemporary art and nature are constant themes in my shaped color
fields made of flat glass. I create all the colors to reflect light,
illuminate, and vibrate. My goal is to capture the depth of color,
to move your eyes with playfulness, and to enjoy the energy in each piece.
I use hand made flat glass (Bullseye) to layer and create my glass color.
There is a layer of dichroic (sparkly) glass in the center to reflect the
light and give the glass depth. I have a palette of over one hundred colors
using this method.  I create a color block first then cut out and grind the
shapes. I then put the glass back in the kiln to fire polish (smooth) the
edges. I am using various cutting, fusing and etching techniques to create
different surfaces on the glass. I hand fabricate all of my sterling silver
settings using sheet and bezel wire. Using this method I am free to explore
and make an endless variety of shapes and sizes. I have been exploring glass
and making this work since 1991.


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