Rachel Hendrix

Welcome to the world of EverFlowers Crepe Paper Flowers & Lanterns, handcrafted by Rachel Hendrix! 
Much of my early childhood was spent in Southeast Asia, surrounded by diverse and colorful art, many rendered in paper. A great favorite childhood read was “The Paper-Flower Tree” by Jacqueline Ayer, about a young Thai girl and a paper flower tree peddler – its sweet story and illustrations have stayed with me. After earning a B.A. in French Literature with a minor in Art History from Mount Holyoke College, my career path has taken me through the art and corporate world. I have rediscovered a deep interest and focus in the artistic freedom and expression of paper. Inspired by natural forms, my crepe paper flowers lean towards the fantastical, as I hand-cut, shape, and place each petal, stamen, and leaf. My “blanchie” crepe paper flower petals are hand-painted with a diluted bleach solution – a process which always delights me with unique patterns and surprising colors. I hand-cut and shape each lantern petal to place on traditional paper globe lanterns, easily lit by an included hanging battery-powered LED light. The petals’ shapes and shadows bring a uniquely meditative calm as a lantern interacts with any environment.  
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