Patti Ballard

I am a self-taught artist. As a child, I found creative outlets in drawing, tracing, and coloring. I learned to channel my frustrations with art, expressing emotions and insecurities through simple drawings. I consider myself a mixed media artist since I cannot stick to only one medium. I always find new ways to incorporate any new medium possible. Themes usually consist of whimsical and with childlike innocence to a more realistic. I am inspired by all things beautiful, magical and surreal; mermaids, angels, fairies, forlorn looking girls with hearts, fairy tale princesses, and quirky characters are among my favorite subjects mostly in pursuit of love, happiness and chasing dreams, nature, color, landscapes and most of all anything vintage and of past eras. My latest experiments are produced not only with a brush, but the palette knife which produces a highly textured and grungy or vintage look that I so love. I may also incorporate vintage and decorative papers since they are an obsession. Expressing a sentiment of love, accomplishment and positive feelings in my paintings is my main objective. I believe that love conquers all, that somehow people really want the best for all mankind, that we all strive for happiness and our ultimate goal for ourselves and others is that our dreams come true. I believe that all things are possible if you just have faith and never give up. That is my true inspiration.

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