On The Road Again Art


In 2010, Rudi Bower headed “On the Road Again Art” to fulfill her dream to be a full-time artist. 

Originally from America’s Dairyland, Rudi Bower established her love for old cars and tags early in life while taking road trips with her large family cross-country and playing the license plate game.  While cars always came-and-went in Rudi’s family (her mother sold cars to support the family for more than 30 years) the license plates stayed.

Each custom piece is hand-cut with Tin Snips and mounted on reclaimed wood.  The majority of supplies Rudi uses are recycled and reclaimed for different purposes.  All of the plates have been used, and most of the wood is cut and recycled to make her unique brand.  The large 4’x3’ USA maps take approximately 3 weeks to make.

Rudi continues to bring old license plates back to tell their stories! Let Rudi’s art take you “On the Road Again!”

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