Maureen Engle

Maureen Engle is a native New Englander who has spent significant time painting in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. She currently resides near the mountains of northern Georgia, and remains inspired by woodlands and their environs. Maureen brings God’s gifts of the peace and joy found in nature to her paintings and then, to the viewer.
Best known for her depictions of colorful hay bales and birch trees, Maureen strives to create a narrative around subjects found in the natural world. Her hay bales are scattered in fields, and infused with sunlight and color to denote hard work, harvest, and sustenance. Birch trees grow straight, clustered, and entangled with colors bouncing off their white bark—pink, lime, and purple. Her southern pines are as tall and lanky as teenagers, and a bit unbalanced by unwieldy arms and legs.
Maureen works in a variety of mediums and across different genres, translating the energy and depth of a tumbling brook or shadow pattern into pure abstraction, and across medium with beautiful, award-winning watercolor portraiture.
An intuitive painter, Maureen applies impasto paint with a palette knife in layers and enjoys watching the piece evolve. She is a dedicated art instructor and conducts classes and workshops teaching oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting.
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