Marie Wheeler Art

Marie is an acrylic artist settling in the state of Georgia after having lived in the four States of Mi,Tx, Ca, and Pa while raising her children with her husband. She was able to take away from each state the magnificent beauty that each offers in their specific state colors. During this time, she was always creative but didn’t really pursue her passion of painting until later in life. She believes we’re all so uniquely made to create beautiful things and has had this desire instilled in
her since she was young.
After some health challenges, she discovered that the act of painting was healing – especially using larger brushes and making loose marks with lots of paint. Though she had read about the idea of daily painting, the premise — that daily discipline is the secret to developing technical skill — somehow eluded her.
Through her journey of discipling herself to daily painting, she noticed that using art as therapy, she will paint tighter or looser depending on how her body is feeling that day. Instead of choosing not to paint, she uses that time to go with the flow and rhythm of her body and use the size brushes and colors that calm her over sensitive system.
 She loves the idea of creating good habits of daily painting no matter how she feels and knowing that who she is today will not be who she will be next month or next year as an artist and she cannot wait to see how her art will evolve. As of now the magical colors of florals push their way through her paintings sometimes looser and more whimsical and sometimes more reserved and tighter.
Today, Marie paints primarily in acrylics, and she’s committed to the ongoing process of honing her skills. She knows that her artwork will continue to evolve – and she can’t wait to see what might be next. She’s blessed to have a home studio set up above her garage with lots of light with her rescue dog Dakota watching over her. She’s fallen in love with raising backyard chickens from baby chicks. And they love her back by saying hi each morning with a squawk and a breakfast egg.
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