Krys Pettit


Krys Pettit is an artist who loves and lives art.  Her work covers the range of subject matter from still life to figurative. Her passion is the observation of the hidden but extraordinary moments in life.  
 Krys works in 3 distinct mediums – watercolor, oil  and acrylic.  She is inspired by the delicacy and transparency of watercolor, the classical aspects of oil painting and the visceral textures of acrylic paint.
Krys’s work is in various private collections throughout the country.  Her art has been chosen for poster art for national art festivals, and she has exhibited in numerous local and regional venues and juried competitions.  She has been honored to receive awards in online, local and regional exhibits throughout Georgia and the Southeast region of the country.



How do you capture a moment in time -- light, color, shadows? How do you express the fragrance of a blooming garden, summer heat on the water, cold crispness of a winter morning? I use my art to tell a story and to capture these unique moments.  I paint memories, wonderful images that have left me with a sense of beauty, serenity and delight.  

I paint because I love to and because I feel I must share a story of what I see.  Sharing my work with my viewers and collectors is part of the process . This is what continues to lead me on the journey of my creative life.

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