Kristen Feighery

Kristen Feighery is a modern folk artist who's work takes heavy influence from her humble roots growing up in Southeastern Appalachian Kentucky. Kristen is a self-taught modern folk artist from Southeastern Kentucky. Her simple and organic painting style is a direct reflection on her upbringing in the Appalachian mountains where she grew up watching and learning from family members who taught themselves the art of quilting, banjo playing, knitting and more.
Being from humble roots, Kristen prizes the idea of ‘using what you have’ and incorporating recycled materials into her work. You can find her paintings on old house shutters, cabinet doors and barn wood, just to name a few……whatever she can find! The subjects she prefers to paint are those that influenced her as a child…….biblical scenes, angels, and everyday country scenes such as church picnics and river baptisms.
Kristen lives by the belief that art can be anything handmade and it doesn’t have to be financially out of reach.
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