Katrine Trantham

Katrine is a painter and illustrator based in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised between New York City and rural Vermont, Katrine began her career as an art educator which has parlayed into a variety of administrative positions in education. When not creating engaging programming for students, she is making art that is best described as bold, folksy, yet highly stylized.  Often inspired by nature, sentimental objects, food, and animals, each new series created is full of surprises.

When painting, Katrine prefers to start on a black canvas. Similar to Russian lacquered art, she loves the way the color pops off the densely dark background. She next paints in acrylic directly on the canvas without first sketching a design. Finally, mixed media touches are added to “polish” or “pop” the piece. This may include oil paint pen, fine glitter dust, acrylic gems or paper collage. Each piece then receives a high gloss varnish and is ready to find a home.

Illustrations are created using ink, watercolor pencils, and gouache. Katrine's two dachshunds Fritz and Frieda serve as primary models for her illustrative work.

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