Katie Trokey

 Katie Trokey has always been moved by color, reflection, and motion.  She draws on these concepts when layering textures, intertwined with the various colors and metallics in her abstract paintings.  Each piece has a story, often relating to a memory from childhood, or places she has lived or visited.  
 Often times memories come in fluttering's of a familiar scent, sound, or just the feeling of "I've been here before".  These moments are translated onto canvas to captivate the viewer and take them to places they may have never been before, but somehow feel the comfort of familiarity.  
 Katie explores new ways to look upon things and places we often take granted; the details deep inside a collection of flowers, or the way the breeze makes the water ripple or the pine trees bend ever so slightly.  She uses her brush, acrylic paints, and subject and transform them into how memories are felt, not just seen. 
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