Jennifer Dean Barnard

     Jennifer Dean Barnard grew up in Alabama and currently resides in Free Home, Georgia. She finds inspiration all around in this gorgeous horse country and lovely people she meets.  Where others use words to express the love, beauty, joy and struggles of life, Jennifer uses her art. Through designing unique perspectives, expressive brushwork and lively color, she creates energetic and evocative pieces. Her work may be found in many private and public collections.

     "My subject matter varies from portraiture to landscapes and floral to still life. Art is something that can bring enjoyment for generations.  Where others may use words to express the love, beauty, joy, struggle or other emotions encountered in life, I use the visual to do so.  That connection to the unspeakable and the hope of conveying that is what powers my art.  Art is about connection and I hope you will find a bit of that in my paintings."

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