Higly Pigly Creations

I think that in an earlier life, I was an alchemist. 
I say this, because from as early as I can remember, I have been trying to make one thing into another.  When I was a child, mud pies became brownies.  My backyard was a far off jungle to be explored.  The night sky was the view from my room on a space station. I was a bold adventurer on a quest, sleeping under the stars every night.
Of course, mud never became brownies, my backyard was situated in a suburban New York, the night sky was often obscured by street lights, and even when my family went camping, we used a tent.  But that never stopped me from escaping into my imagination.  Then or now.
Through grammar and high school, and later in college, I had a flirtatious love affair with art.  I never settled on a single medium for long.  I took away as much as I needed to continue on my own, and inferred the rest.  
In graduate school, I abandoned art to pursue a career in chemistry--only to discover that at the heart of scientific discovery is a creative artist. 

My career has included working in a laboratory, teaching, chasing down diseases around the globe and reviewing scientific research.  But I always come back to art and my passion for making things.

Making art is an exploration of opposites.  Particularly, the place between the dark and the light.  In the light, I explore bright colors and pleasant themes, but always, with a creeping dark undertone.  Similarly, in the exploration of the dark there is horror, but an intricate web of beauty, as well.  
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