V. Reed Art

I am a true Atlanta native who has always had an eye for color and an interest in art. My mother was a talented artist whose work was owned and admired by many.  Despite her persistent urging, I was busy raising my family and never managed to find time to put a brush to canvas.  In 2012, mother's sudden illness and death left me with a tremendous feeling of loss and a wish to, in some way, maintain a connection to her.  That yearning motivated me to try painting.  As I began experimenting with her brushes and palette knives, I had the amazing feeling that she was right there with me and, in a sense, guiding my strokes.  Perhaps most importantly, I noticed painting helped ease my feelings of sorrow replacing them with joy for the wonderful gift mom left with me.  While I am primarily self-taught, I enjoy taking lessons and workshops from artists whose work I admire and am constantly experimenting with a variety of mediums, techniques, lighting, perspective, and styles.  I draw inspiration from my travels,  nature, photographs, unique objects, and even fabrics as they all provide a wide range of opportunities for artistic expression.  Using a limited palette, I create paintings that are colorful and textural in an impressionistic or abstract style.  Since the completion of my first painting in early 2013, the response to my work has been extremely positive.  I appreciate your interest and invite you follow along as my journey continues.

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