Elizabeth Pope

Growing up, I always wanted art to be a big part of my life. During college, I spent eight years learning different techniques & had the opportunity to spend some time abroad.

During that time, I learned to appreciate the rich diversity of artists around the world. Every culture has a unique way of sharing stories & weaving meaning into their work—equally beautiful.

I would spend the next few years working alongside under-represented artists from Ecuador & the Middle East, promoting their artwork throughout Atlanta. Over time, it was the act of helping others find their voice that led me to my own.

These past few years, I’ve been learning what it means to be a “professional” artist. In different seasons, that’s looked very different for me. From creating commission pieces full-time from home to now balancing a full-time job, a young family & art all at the same time.

I do a lot of custom orders—everything from portraits of pets or children, to painting a couple’s first home. I love knowing that my pieces are going to someone that will cherish them, just as much as I do. I invest all of my energy into creating pieces that honor the feelings & memories associated with the objects that I’m painting.

I’m drawn towards watercolor because it forces me to give up a bit of “control” as an artist. No matter what, the colors naturally flow into one another, finding their own path as the water seeps into the page.


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