David Gutman

My pottery helps me express my creativity, love for nature and the desire to push the limits of convention and color. Each piece is an individual statement.  Every project offers me a challenge to create unique art demonstrating appreciation of color, texture and function.
I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Growing up surrounded by succulent plants I developed an appreciation for plant and animal life indigenous to the area. With my wife, I explored Southern Africa for almost a year, living in a tent and photographing the wildlife and natural beauty.
In 2000, I moved to Austin, TX, where I started pottery. I love to produce unique decorative and functional art including planters, vases, serving ware, urns and funky art for home and garden.
In 2018, I moved to Atlanta to be closer to the grandsons. I started pottery at Callanwolde Art School and have benefited from the new environment and different firing techniques taught there.
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