Cristina Montesinos

As an abstract painter, Cristina Montesinos seeks to capture the mystery and healing power of the natural world. Immersing herself in this mystery, she paints mindfully and follows where the marks and colors lead her, listening to her intuition, highlighting the interesting and building on what emerges. Her paintings unfold on their own as she explores the hidden, abstract features of nature.

Growing up in lush, tropical Costa Rica, Montesinos has a deep connection to the outdoors, and this passion for nature is her inspiration. She uses thoughtful expressions to depict harmonious interplays of colors, textures, shapes and light. Drawing on a deep and wide family artistic tradition, her work builds on a long graphic design career.

The results are energetic, abstracted compositions brought to life through beautifully orchestrated color palettes and thoughtful marks. Quiet, observational and meticulous, Montesinos invites us to pause and explore the mystery, beauty, wonder, serenity and healing power of the natural world.

Montesinos’s work has shown in local exhibitions, and in 2020-2021, she was featured along Atlanta’s highways and byways on hundreds of billboards and in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport as part of a juried billboard exhibition. 

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