Copper Cat Jewelry

I am the sole artist and designer at Copper Cat Jewelry.  I am a retired firefighter and paramedic from Florida.  Many find my artistic journey to be a little surprising.  When I lived in Florida, I always dreamed about retiring in the mountains and pursuing my artistic inclinations.  After moving to the mountains, my dreams were soon realized when I discovered the art of wire weaving copper jewelry.  The many inspirations for my pieces are found in my magnificent surroundings...the beauty of the mountains, the flow of the Coosawattee River, and the ever-changing seasonal backdrop of the mature forest.  The warm and rustic nature of copper is a true reflection of this spectacular landscape.  I often choose to embellish my pieces with splashes of color and light from colored gemstones and European crystal.  Each piece that I create is special to me and are often one or two of a kind.
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