C Glass

The Story of C Glass

C Glass jewelry started with my car break-in.  Parked in the lot of a local church, I discovered my car window shattered on the pavement.  Glass everywhere.  A day disrupted.  A mess to clean up.  Insurance to file.  A window to replace.

I was distraught.

Until I saw the beauty of the glass.  Turquoise blue like the sea.  Little sea-glass-like nuggets glistening in the morning sun.  Maybe it was my recycling mentality….or my photographer’s eye for finding beauty in unlikely places.  But I knew I had to take the glass home.

Slowly and surely, the little glass nuggets made their way into C Glass jewelry. I share it with you today, along with the reminder that blessings come in strange packages —that pain is often a pathway to pleasure -- and that beauty is everywhere, even in brokenness.


C Glass is available at Wild Oats & Billy Goats in Decatur, and look for it soon on the WO&BG online shop!

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