Beth Crews Rommel

The joy of collage has enchanted Beth Rommel as she explores new subject matter. So many mediums can be used in creating these images: pastels, acrylic paint, collage, papers of all descriptions. The artist has been hand printing rice paper and other foundations with gifts from her garden. A variety of paints are being spread on the printing block with ferns and other textured materials to create beautiful papers. These are being trimmed and shaped to form the backgrounds of some of the new collages.

Beth's long time use of pattern is here in the form of hand drawn ink patterns. Some spirals, some leaves, all form a meditation practice as the hours pass and the pen quietly forms these repeated images.

The artist will take commissions to recreate a scene you see on your table, desk or counter top. Something mundane can become a memory of a place and tranquil moment in your life or that of a loved one. Your grandmother's breakfast table and favorite tea pot, your uncle's desktop, your sweet memories can help create a lasting image of a fleeting moment. Inquire through Wild Oats and Billy Goats.

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