Alexa Lett

My passion for ‘all things stitched’ became the art form of choice for many reasons.  I love the creative process, the beauty of imperfection and the ability to determine ‘handmade’ in a nano second.  Years of supporting an athletic daughter led to hours of sitting on a bleacher.  This time became the foundation of teaching myself the art of stitching.  The need to be creative had to become mobile for me, so this medium was perfect.  Plus, a giddy zeal for vintage fabrics and notions collected over the years provided enough supply to last a lifetime of ballgames. 

Years of making little snippets of sewn “things” began to develop as an art form. You can only collect so many piles of hand-sewn doo-dads… and not figure out some useful purpose for them.  Plus, the advent of creating myself a delightful little studio to focus my energies….store all my hoarding supplies of vintage fabric and notions…and provide a plethora of space for my many artful endeavors. 

Mixed Media textile art and stitchery are the medium of choice.  The ability to not be driven by structured corners, tucked threads, and predictable outcomes are my inspiration.  I let the wonky, tattered, aged fabric and color lead the creative path. I had my first solo show, as an “artist” in September of 2018.  The creative world for me is blossoming in a new way.  What was once a time filler and brain escape….is now a focal point, and goal for my creative future.  


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